Strategic Purchasing Programs

Outsourcing Services that Improve Your Efficiency and Reduce Your Costs

As a dedicated partner, Lighthouse Electronics offers a full range of consulting and outsourcing services for manufacturers and their partners. Our Strategic Purchasing Programs include:

Critical Line Item Shortage Services – we procure inventory to prevent potential production issues due to critical shortages.
Excess Inventory Redistribution Services – customized programs enable cost-savings through outsourcing the process.
End-of-Life Requirements – strategies for reducing costs associated with obsolete parts.
Bill of Materials Analysis – an in-depth analysis of opportunities for reducing costs and taking advantage of such findings as end-of-life, last-time-buy, and mean-time-between-failures.
Supplemental Parts Procurement – strategies for reducing costs from existing suppliers through cost-averaging and spot-market purchasing.
Kitting – increase efficiency by having us drop ship kits to your facilities for final production.
Warehousing Services – from ISO9002-compliant locations on both coasts of the United States, services include Tape & Reeling, Drypacking, Commercial & Military Screening, and Shipment Tracking.

We customize these services for each of our partners. Please contact us today to learn how we can best meet your needs.